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Free Spirit Personalized Sand Ceremony Vase Set
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Free Spirit Personalized Sand Ceremony Vase Set

$50.00 USD each set of 3 vases
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ITEM # 9228-P-1259-106

Free Spirit Personalized Sand Ceremony Vase Set

The popular sand ceremony is a natural fit for a bohemian wedding theme and a beautiful way to symbolize your love for one another. Each layer of colorful sand represents one life and as they are interwoven layer by layer, the separation disappears and a new complete family unit is created in its place. Personalize with a bohemian style monogram etched into the glass to create a sentimental detail you will never forget.
Middle Vase: 4 3/8'' Dia. (top), 2 1/2'' Dia. (bottom), 9'' H; Side Vases: 2'' Dia. (top), 3'' Dia. (bottom), 7'' H The central bottle will accommodate approximately 3 lbs of sand. Side vases hold 1 lb sand
Sand sold separately

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